Get in the Game

This series of teaching highlights how God chooses us onto His team to carry out His game plan. With sports analogies as the backdrop, we will explore the broad scope of the position and unique role of each person (player) on God’s team to follow His game plan for the redemption of mankind.

God designs and shapes His people with particular gifts and abilities to be used for His purposes. Along with these gifts, God gives to each person certain passions of service that motivates them.

Knowing our spiritual gift will answer the what question. Knowing our passion will answer the where question – where shall I use my gifts?

This series reinforces our Ministry Strategy to Equip people for service and to Empower people to serve. It also reinforces two of our Core Values: Passionate Discipleship and the Power of Team

Series Outline

Feb 3: The Game Plan

Theme:  God has an awesome plan of bringing lost people back to Him and the Church is central to His ‘Game Plan’ of redemption.

Feb 10: Drafting a Dream Team

Theme:  God chooses each of us to be a member of His Team in what He is up to in the world.

Feb 17: Skills Training

Theme:  In God’s team, each member has a particular position to play based on their God-given abilities, gifts and passion.

Feb 24: The Power of Team

Theme: Anything is possible for a united team who are playing to the same game plan.