It has been a long time desire for some homegrown ACC music to be produced. We are excited to announce that our new five track EP, called ‘The Father’s Love’, is now available to order. Our Creative Ministries Department (CMD) team have done a fantastic job in writing and producing this CD. We hope that you enjoy some good homegrown ACC worship music.

CD is now available for $15 each. To order, please contactIf you want to stream online, please click here


God Before Me

The Father’s Love

You Have Overcome


Zoe Manego: Vocals and backing vocals
Vien Cajipe: Vocals and backing vocals
Vinnie Miranda: Electric Guitar / Synths
Bruce Walker: Acoustic Guitar
James Sace: Keyboard / Synths
Jojo Miranda: Bass Guitar
Miklo Miranda: Drums
Lewis Daly: Percussion
Niki Lochens: special guest violinist on “King of Heaven”
Kylie Ferreira: vocal arrangement on “Jesus”
Xeanthea Dy & Jessica Carandang: Backing vocals on “Jesus”
Artwork by Shekinah Sagun
Mixed by Chris Prendergast
Mastered by Island Recording Studios
Produced by Vinnie Miranda
Songwriters: Zoe Manego, Vien Cajipe, Vinnie Miranda, Miklo Miranda
Thanks to the leadership at Adelaide Christian Centre, Declan Smith, Jake Heading, Israel Amoy, Joseph Cheek, Tully Templeman and Mark Edwards
Copyright to Adelaide Christian Centre