As short term mission trips go this one was a baptism of fire.  Our only preparation before leaving were the following sage words of advice from Pr Fuwe “Missions trip is NOT a holiday” and “Expect the unexpected” – those words were certainly true!

Upon arrival at Bethel Centre, Port Moresby the pastors put together a program for us and the following day or so several of the pastors left for meetings in India. This left the four of us with a packed schedule of ministry, including:
–         8 hours of teaching Bible college students
–         Attending the Missions school
–         Sharing daily at morning and evening services
–         Sharing at midweek home fellowships
–         Sharing at ladies fellowship
–         Speaking to high school students
–         Sharing to students and staff at Sunrise Bethel
–         Joining in the activities of ARK ministry (Always Remember Kids)
–         Dedicating a baby during the service held at the Women’s prison
–         Street evangelism
–         Dressing up in costume for one of Rachelle’s missions skits

It was a whirlwind and it was amazing – imagine being taken to a crowded open air market and after watching our driver setup the PA system the microphone was handed to us and we were instructed to preach with no warning!  The crowds stopped and listened as we shared our testimonies, people applauded and stayed to be prayed for and ministered to.  It was awesome.

Bethel Centre is a wonderful place, a Christian community with a mission, to reach the nations.  We were touched to see the depth of emotion that Pr Fuwe feels for Sturt Street Church, “without this church we would not be here”. Several times members of the congregation generously treated us lunch or dinner.  I have never felt so loved and appreciated before in my life.

Despite the obvious problems faced by this society, poverty, corruption and crime, the people were lovely, and treated us with respect and love.  Perfect strangers waving to us as we travelled along the roads – such genuine warmth – this is my enduring memory of PNG.