Our History

Adelaide Christian Centre was pioneered in 1945 by the late Pastor Leo Harris.  As a young man, Leo Harris was used by God in a remarkable way across Australia and New Zealand.  While he was in New Zealand in 1944, Leo Harris received a very clear call from the Lord to come to Adelaide.

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Pr. Leo Harris commenced meetings in Adelaide in 1945 which soon grew as a result of God pouring out His Spirit upon many people at that time.  From humble beginnings, the work grew and soon new outreaches were commenced across Adelaide and South Australia. New centres were also pioneered in Victoria in the late 1940′s and the early 1950′s.  The work in Adelaide continued to grow and by the late 1960′s and early 1970′s had become the largest Pentecostal church in the nation.  In those days it was known as Adelaide Crusade Centre.  Leo Harris was used by God to have found the movement now known as CRC Churches International which is now operating in a number of countries in the Asia Pacific region with approximately 800 churches in total.  For many years the movement was known as the Christian Revival Crusade.  In recent years the name of the movement was changed to CRC Churches International.  The name of the local church is commonly known as ‘Sturt Street’, Adelaide Christian Centre.

The CRC missions work also began from this local Church.   The first missionaries were deployed in the early 1960′s to Papua New Guinea in partnership with the Foursquare movement.  In 1972 the CRC set up its own base in Port Moresby under the leadership of Pastor Barry and Rosalie Silverback who were sent from Adelaide Christian Centre.

By the mid 1970′s Adelaide Christian Centre was a thriving hub of spiritual renewal and revival.  Leo Harris set up Crusade Bible School which was a training centre for many scores of men and women who became very fruitful ministries in Australia and overseas.

In 1977 Leo Harris went to be with the Lord and Saviour he loved and served.  In recent times the church has moved forward and now continues to grow and is a vibrant city based Pentecostal/Charismatic church with a significant influence in Adelaide and the nations.

A significant part of the mandate of the church is Christian Education.  Leo Harris had a vision for Christian Education and plans were developed in 1976 and 1977 for a Christian School.  Sunrise Christian School was founded in 1978.  A few years later Temple Christian College was founded as a sister organization for high school students.

Both these schools are governed by the Elders of this Church in their capacity as the Board of Governors for Adelaide Christian Schools which is the parent organization for the schools.  Both Sunrise and Temple have grown under God’s blessing to the point where there are now nine campuses in South Australia with about 2000 students enrolled. In 2010 Adelaide Christian Schools (ACS) commenced a school in Port Moresby in partnership with Bethel Christian Centre. In 2011 ACS began to assist a school in Walhalla, USA to ‘re-launch’.

In 2006 the new migrant demographic in Adelaide was recognized as a potentially disadvantaged group.  Through Adelaide City Care, programs and services were designed to assist new arrivals.  Adelaide City Care is a special department of our Church set up to assist those in special need including crisis care and crisis counseling,  assisting new arrivals to settle into our community,  and practical assistance in basic human needs.

After 72 years,  ACC continues to be very active in world missions.  World missions is not what we do, it is who we are!

An international movement, which is very active  in many countries around the world with 1000+ churches, Preschools, Schools, Training Colleges, Children Homes and 20+ current serving missionaries.

Currently, Pastor Mike is the Senior Pastor of Adelaide Christian Centre.  Mike is also Chair of Adelaide Christian Schools.  Mike with his wife Kelly have four children, Mikaela, Joshua, Rebekah and Joel.  They are down to earth, genuine people with a real love for God, His church and His people, no matter what their age, race or social status.

Pr Mike and Kelly moved from Waurn Ponds CRC Geelong where they served as Senior Pastor for 11 years.   Mike and Kelly have also pastored churches in NZ and PNG.  Mike served as the National Missions Director for the CRC Churches International group of churches for 6 years and sat as an active member of the National Executive of the CRC Churches International for 6 years.  He is currently on the International Missions Advisory Board for CRC Churches International