To be a Christ centred community of believers who obey the Great Commission.


Empowering people for life change.


Engage people with Jesus.
Establish people into faith.
Equip people for service.
Empower people to serve


We model the characteristics of an Apostolic Church

ENGAGE people with Jesus

We are passionately committed to carrying out the Great Commission.
By showing sensitivity and relevance to the Nation and its people.
By expressessing the selfless attitude through the Spirit of Christ.
By understanding our dependency upon the grace and providence of God.

ESTABLISH people in the faith
We are committed to teaching, training and modelling Scriptural knowledge.
By being accountable to maintaining foundational Scriptural truth.
By being accountable in our presentation of doctrine in a balanced and stable delivery.
By being accountable in our conduct and manner of living as a community of faith.

EQUIP people for service
We are responsible in our stewardship to faithfully carry on the ministry of Christ.
By being committed to the principle of building up for the next generations.
By being global in our strategy, outlook and training.
By acting in a parenting and in a fathering role.

EMPOWER people to serve
We  are committed to the miraculous and powerful ministry of the Holy Spirit.
By being empowered by the Holy Spirit to pioneer new frontiers for the extension of God’s Kingdom.
By empowering people to outwork their unique calling in God.
By being prepared to embrace and to endure difficulties in achieving God’s purposes.

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