Tax Deductible Projects

Fiji Preschool.

An achievable way to reduce poverty and achieve sustainable development is through providing quality early learning education for preschool children in order to create a foundation for ongoing learning, which will assist in eventual employment….. more

Sri Lanka Children’s Home.

Aims to support and empower displaced children and young people through quality education (primary, secondary and tertiary), improved healthcare, adequate subsistence (food, clothing, accommodation, water, sanitation and recreation), a safe family-like living environment, and ongoing developmental support (physical, emotional, mental and intellectual)….more

Helping the Needy

Missionary Service

Ministry Training

Christian Education

Get Connected

We invite you to be involved and connect with our Church.  We have a range of age specific and interest based groups that you can connect with and be involved.  Please feel free to find out more information by requesting information from any area of our Church or maybe leave us your contact details, and we would love to catch up with you and speak with you.