Youth in Action

Empower Youth is the youth ministry of Adelaide Christian Centre.  We are a year 7 and up group.

We meet @ 27 Sturt Street every Friday night of the school term at 7pm-9:30pm(unless otherwise stated on Facebook).

You can find the details of our weekly gatherings on our Facebook Group Page.

  • We are committed to engaging our young people in a positive, fruitful and growing relationship with God and each other.
  • We are committed to enabling our young people to step into the calling and gifting that God has for their lives.
  • We are committed to equiping our young people with Godly wisdom, knowledge and guidance so that they may live successful lives.
  • We are committed to empowering our young people to take all that God has called them to be and step with courage into His future for their lives.

You can email us at and speak with a Youth Leader.  Get in touch with us and make some time next Friday night!

Empower Group

We are the youth of Adelaide Christian Centre! We believe in the potential of every young person to be someone who can impact their world for the good and for God.  We come together as a community of young people in the heart of our city to do life together, grow, encourage and to seek the truths of life and God.

Engage Group

Engage was created for all of those who are 18-25 years of age and who do not go to Empower Youth or Enable Young Adults on a regular basis.  We run activities every fortnight on Sunday after church. These activities are intended to create a sense of unity and friendship amongst all who attend. Being able to befriend new people has been a specific highlight.